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For each involving the 2 choices, an individual can choose Team A, Staff B or some type of draw. The exact same may be said for online sportsbooks. Again, it’s soccer that's just about the nearly all well-liked sport when that comes to on-line sports betting.

Racing data and video alerts are acquired at input 142 of FM receiver/analog-to-digital converter a hundred and forty four. The racing knowledge are transmitted on an FM provider in an open vary inside the bandwidth of the video indicators. FM receiver/analog-to-digital converter 144 separates out the racing data signal and demodulates it to a digital format that's processed by show and management circuitry one hundred forty. The video indicators acquired at input 142 are handed to multiplexer 146. When the consumer needs to view video applications comparable to the video indicators obtained at input 142, multiplexer 146 is switched to permit the video signals on line 148 to pass to observe 126 (FIG. 1).

An illustrative listing for Laurel on the air is shown in FIG. The account and transactional info for each person is ideally saved on his particular person good card 170 (FIG. 2). This permits the consumer to visit other properties by which there are person terminals 122 (FIG. 1), without shedding ready entry to his account data. Alternatively, the account and transactional data can be stored in a suitable reminiscence device in person terminal 122 (FIGS. 1 and 2). In order to put wagers, the wager information entered onto menu 262 have to be sent to totalisator 102 (FIG. 1) by way of community 128 (FIG. 1).

Races 1-8 are listed on menus 206 and 208. 10, the letter "F" is positioned adjacent to races 1 and a pair of to point that these races have been run and for which the results have been declared last. When menu 206 is displayed (at step 204 of FIG. 3), cursor 192 is positioned at a default place adjoining to race three, as a result of that is the next race out there for wagering.

The menus may be invoked by urgent an acceptable "enter" button on remote management 156. Remote control 156 also has cursor keys that permit the consumer to cursor ahead and backward and up and down by way of the menus. In order to leave the system, the person presses an "exit" button on remote management 156. Preferably, additional "program information" may be provided from totalisator 102 to knowledge concentrator 112. Wagering via telephone is an alternative choice.

3, after the person has chosen a race at step 204, the user is offered with a menu of accessible choices at step 212. For instance, the consumer can place a wager or view current odds/probables, handicapping data, race results, or climate. If the consumer chooses to place a wager, the viewer selects an amount to wager at step 214. The amounts available for wagering are ideally transmitted to consumer terminals 122 (FIG. 1) from distribution facility 120, so that it is attainable to limit which wagering quantities are available to the consumer as desired.

Before extra wagers could be added, the wagers in the queue must be sent to the racetrack. If the wager queue is full following step 254 (FIG. 3), then the menu choices of delete a wager, send wagers, duplicate a wager, and major menu are displayed at step 260. The menu choices made obtainable at step 260 are restricted by the state of the queue. For example if the queue is full, the choice "duplicate a wager" will not be out there, etc.

three, following selection of the wager amount at step 214, the person selects a desired sort of wager at step 230. A typical wager kind selection menu 232 is proven in FIG. Additional wager varieties may be supported by providing additional wager alternatives on wager choice menu 232. Preferably, the wager types out there at selection menu 232 are decided by distribution facility a hundred and twenty (FIG. 1). Thus, the wager sorts obtainable to the person may be managed by limiting what info is transmitted from distribution facility one hundred twenty (FIG. 1) to consumer terminals 122 relating to wager sorts.

Data concentrator 112 processes the racing data received at inputs 114, 116, and 118 and assembles the data into an appropriate data format for transmission to distribution facility 120, which is ideally a cable headend. Transmission of the racing knowledge between data concentrator 112 and distribution facility 120 may be by way of cable, satellite, or any suitable transmission medium with an adequate bandwidth to provide a big amount of racing data in realtime. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION A schematic block diagram of a wagering system 100 constructed in accordance with the current invention is present in FIG.